Monday, February 13, 2006

Alysia Gets Broken Up With Part Two

Fast forward a few years from the previous post and I'm dating a guy that lives in Virginia. Bad idea to start with, I know, but he was a writer and who doesn't love a writer? I'm not gonna get into the story of the relationship, but about a year later, we start having some problems. I am a junior in high school at the time, and so I'm terribly emo and of course have a LiveJournal. One night, I write a post about how confused I am about him and our relationship just before I go to bed. Now, he worked nights, so I did not get to talk to him until about 2 AM that night. I called him and we had something of a strange conversation. He was kinda standoff-ish but nothing weird, and when we got off the phone he said he loved me and everything. Now, this was all fine and dandy until I woke up the next morning, checked my e-mail, and found that he had left a comment to my LiveJournal post at about midnight, before we had talked on the phone. Here is a link to the post and the comment that I found last night:

As you can see, he broke up with me in a LiveJournal comment, and when I called him that night (this was after he had "“broken up"” with me) he clearly knew that I hadn't read the comment and he acted like everything was fine. Now, that's pretty bad, but this guy is a complete ass, and of course that means that I had to get together with him later in life, right? Long story short, the second time around he cheated on me with the ONLY GIRL I KNEW IN VIRGINIA. He could've done it with anyone else in the entire state, but no, he picks the one that I actually talk to.

So to sum up, LiveJournal post, and poorly cheating, but still, not really the worst.


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