Sunday, May 21, 2006

Progress report

My brother's step-daughter, Jilly, using FruityLoops. She is actually very, very good at it. I plan on rhyming over one of her beats. She's an amazing child.

A new King Hippo song is currently being cooked up (albeit at very low volumes, given the fact that I am having some eardrum troubles). It's called "Hearts for Dots," and features me rhyming about getting beat up over a beat created by Brad Demarest, my fucking hero. The song is kind of limericky tongue-twister that tells a narrative story - I haven't done many story-songs and I wanted to try it for the experience. I'm pretty happy with the results, and working with Lumenz is a blast, as always.

Here's the first verse:

Now I'm fighting guys in this parking lot
because a girl's writing I's using hearts for dots
in love letters to the don juan de marksalot
on the regular, they drop through the slot
and I swear this is love
I don't mean to scare ya'll,
I took her to the donut shop, we shared a bearclaw
engaged in some grown-up talk
then she bared all
said she had a guy
i put my cup down slow
i tried to act cooler but I couldn't fool her, so
I took a coffee and a crueller to go
and I probably could've wooed her but her beaux was such a bruiser
so I played the loser just
let her go


Blogger Noma said...

You don't get many rap love songs, K.H. Kudos to you. And love to your ear.

7:19 AM  

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