Thursday, April 27, 2006

Quite possibly, my last radio show ever

I thought I'd share my playlist from what is probably my last radio show on KSCL 91.3 ever. It was kinda sad, and I just played a bunch of indie rock that I've really enjoyed over the past 4 years. I didn't even get into much electronic or hip hop stuff, which was pretty sad:

Oxford Collapse "Melting the Ice Queen" S/T
Ben Gibbard "You Remind me of Home" Home Split
TIm Kasher "Stranger than Strangers" My Favorite Songwriters
MC Honky "A Good Day to be You feat. Kool G Murder" I am the Messiah
!!! "Take Ecstasy with Me" Take Ecstasy with Me EP
Yo La Tengo "Autumn Sweater" Sampler 1993-97
Spoon "The Way We Get By" Kill the Moonlight
Wilco "Heavy Metal Drummer" Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
Calexico "Deep Down" Garden Ruin
Ted Leo + Pharmacists "Ghosts" Tell Balgeary, Balgury is Dead
The Gunshy "Reason to Retreat" No Man's Blues
Jason Anderson "Jet Ski Accidents" Something/Everything
John Vanderslice "Pale Horse" Cellar Door
Atom & His Package "Going to Georgia" Redefining Music
Postal Service "We will become silhouettes" Give Up
Clorox Girls "Don't You Take Your Life" S/T
Twilight Singers "Teenage Wrist Band" Twilight Singers Play Blackberry Belle
TV on the Radio "Ambulance" Desperate Youth, Bloodthirsty Babes
Destroyer "Notorious Lightning" Your Blues
Mountain Goats "Palmcorder Yajna" We Shall All Be Healed
Grandaddy "Now It's On" Sumday
Flaming Lips "One More Robot/Sympathy 3000-21" Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots
Les Savy Fav "Reprobate's Resume" Go Forth
S PRCSS "In It's Mouth A Murder. Oh MNML" MNML
White Stripes "Jolene" White Blood Cells Bonus Disc
PS "So Stupid Beauty" S/T
Neko Case "If You Knew" The Tigers Have Spoken
Portastatic "You Know Where to Find Me (Live)" Autumn was a Lark
Songs: Ohia "Farewell Transmission" Magnolia Electric Co.


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