Thursday, January 12, 2006

We're not dead, thankfully

So, we're not dead here, but for awhile we thought we were dying. Just an update on nonmedia things, Chris and I both have recently overcome insane illnesses that rendered us useless for the holidays. Chris had a wisdom tooth removed and was dealing with a stomach virus from hell at the same time, and I had said stomach virus before, and then had a seriously horrible sinus infection. We're both feeling up to par now, and you can expect our return to be triumphant. As for the rest of our team members, we're not so sure about them.

We made it out to see Tungsten 74 last night, which was a blast. I have all sorts of notes and review like things to share with you, as soon as I get out of class. (Yeah, its that time of year again...)

Peace. Thanks for the concern!


Blogger Sammy said...

i can't tell you how man times i've read the title to that last post, waiting for this day to arrive.

12:08 PM  
Blogger Billy Vidrine said...


Yeah, I'm glad y'all are back and feeling fit. Maybe I'll see you this weekend?

1:19 PM  

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