Sunday, February 12, 2006

like them g-string drawers that keep their buttcheeks bare

The weekend unrolls, and I have more conversations about Dilla's death, my own music, and the state of hip-hop. Lumenz and I reminisce over the time when MC's smiled in photographs. Why, I wonder aloud, is it that no one in hip-hop seems to be having a good time at it anymore? I get to thinking about what I used to love about underground hip-hop, when underground meant limited pressings, sold out of trunks and backpacks, and a philosophy of equal parts agression and good humor. Fuck you, hip hop said, and smiled.

Here's an underground group that I used to listen to every goddamn day, riding home from school with whichever one of my brother's friends was buying my beer that day:

The Sacred Hoop. A Beautiful name for a hip-hop group. This website has two of their best (scroll down one post) - I specifically love "Panhandle," which flirts with Divine Styler/El-P style abstraction, but stays on the broke gangster side of the playground.

I fucking love MP3 blogs.


Blogger Sammy said...

futuro boots may have been somewhat of a joke, but i think we had part of the hip-hop spirit down.

6:58 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

I agree. The more shows I play the more I understand that part of my job is to toy with people's conventional expectations of what a hip-hop show "should be like" (hypemen/fashion/lack of excitement/ lots of dudes standing on stage staring mean at you).

11:02 AM  

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