Sunday, January 22, 2006

Reviewing a record in 30 seconds...GO

Hella - Homeboy
If you like noise, this is for you. Random, spastic, crazy shit. This is not for sissies. LIYL: Need New Body, Kid 606, Black Dice, Wolf Eyes.

Arab Strap - The Last Romance
Droning slightly like Mogwai and with guitar focused songs along the lines of Delgados or Sons and Daughters, this is post-folk with more of a bittersweet, rocking theme. This release is far more pop-focused and will please fans of Belle and Sebastian who are looking for slightly less bright and shiny tunes. This promo copy suggests you'll like it if you like Bright Eyes or Franz Ferdinand, but I don't see the relevance and I think that maybe they're just name dropping... LIYL: Smog, Nick Drake, Slint.

The Plastic Constellations - The Crusades
Almost a concept album about the Crusades (you know, the religious one) TPC pulls off some rocking shit that is anti-war themed. Raucous and fun tunes presented in the same raw sound that earmarks Fugazi and Lifter Puller. Spastic rock along the lines of Les Savy Fav, their labelmates who have the same layered and nearly screamed vocals. This will fill the void Les Savy Fav has left while they sit around and rub each other to get inspired to write a flippin' record. LIYL: Les Savy Fav, Lifter Puller, Fugazi, Milemarker.

Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks - Pig Lib
Pavement member creates great guitar driven melodies with a new crew of players. Pounding, driving and heavy, the guitars take the fore front in these almost psychedelic and very articulate songs. Swaggering and at other times airy and jazzy, the album recalls the 70's. 1% of One is a great epic song. LIYL: Sonic Youth, Television, Pavement

Nickel Creek - Why Should the Fire Die?
Often labeled as bluegrass, Nickel Creek's sound often gets the short end of the stick. Their work is genre-bending, appealing to fans of folk, pop, indie rock, and blues. This album is percussion driven, and wide open layered vocals and delicate guitar picking. LIYL: Iron & Wine, Rilo Kiley, Magnolia Electric Co., Son Volt

V/A - Shreveport's Gonna Be the Death of You: Our City's Songs (1927-72)
Compiled by Shreveport's own awesome dude, Chris Brown, this compilation chronicles Shreveport's musical history from the late 1920's depression to the decade of indulgence (70's, dur). Sampling artists like Leadbelly, Jimmie Davis, Elvis, and Toussaint McCall. The CD really points out the eclectism that is Shreveport with great blues, jazz, rock n' roll, rhythm and blues, and soul tunes. The CD was given to me as an x-mas present but you can request a copy at shreveportsongs [at] and you might just get one.


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